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Most of my paintings are of people- how they relate to each other, and to the wider world. The story behind the painting doesn't necessarily have to be obvious, or immediate. My paintings of refugees was done as a response to what was happening in the news and which I felt powerless to do anything about to change the situation. But I hoped the viewer might find them food for thought.


I started painting about twenty years ago, at emilyball@seawhites (or its previous incarnation) and the pull towards the relationship of figures reflects my earlier career as a psychotherapist. The latest are perhaps more frivolous paintings sourced from an old Paris Match magazine (which we used to have at school). I also have an old black and white photo of a figures in a coastal town in France in the 1920s which I have also used as source material.


My other work is mostly collage, based on my childhood experiences of making 'rose perfume'. This makes more sense when I say that my surname before marriage was 'Rose'. Flowers are me in a sense. I have replaced the bottling of rose petals with another childhood obsession of gluing and sticking.

Venue: Tarrant Street Espresso, 17 Tarrant Street, Arundel BN18 9DG

Exhibiting: 5th-8th / 12th-15th / 19th-22nd / 26th-29th Aug + Bank Holiday Mon 30th Aug
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