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Having trained in architecture and graphic design using drawing boards and paste-up, the advent of mainstream CAD and computer graphics at the end of the 1980s posed a problem. Embrace them or stick with the purity and beauty of artistic traditions?
Fed up with trying to unblock Rotring pens and smudging a line with a set-square, Jamie decided that pushing buttons on a keyboard, mostly in the right order, was the way forward. 30 years later he's still doing it, but now with the aid of a mouse, graphics tablet, digital camera and, for all we know, an unfunny robot side-kick, such is his love of technology.


That's not to say that the tools and methods of the past have been discarded, but more that "the new" compliments and adds to his take on, as he says, "whatever art is" and uses these to produce photography, 2D, 3D, and sometimes animated and musically scored works.


Instagram: @minkathings


Email: jamie@minka.co.uk