Venue address: The Victoria Institute, Tarrant Street


Colleen taught Art for 34 years and lead an Art Department for 24 of them. She retired in 2020 to paint full-time and to fulfil the dream of having a studio to work in. Having the time to develop her practice has enabled Colleen to explore different media, technique and approach, and her work has undergone considerable development in the last couple of years, moving from broadly representational towards abstraction.

Based in West Sussex, Colleen works in oil, acrylic, and mixed-media on a variety of scales and substrates, with landscape as the starting point. Her work explores abstract interpretations of the natural world. She is inspired by the changing light, forms, and colours of her surroundings through the seasons, and the corresponding subjective sensations they awaken. Through the physical process of applying layers of paint, collage, and other media a piece emerges which is a distillation of Colleen's creative response and emotional apprehension of being in a particular place and time.

Instagram: @colleen.conti

Facebook: @PaintedPlacesArt


Tel: 07973 78914