Venue: Arundel Cathedral, London Road, Arundel

Susie’s work is oil or acrylic. She paints her love of shoreline, fields and expressive skies. Her style has been influenced by local artists Sandra Hales and Stephen Foster; both broadening her horizons. Preferring oils, she often uses a palette knife to create impressionist, colourful, and joyful paintings.


Since 2012, Susie has successfully exhibited; painting something for everyone. Boards/canvases are sized from six inches to three feet. She paints moods of sea, land and weather, but never sad moods. Paintings are simply signed: Susie.


Susie studied dress design at Worthing Art College, moved to a business career, and returned to painting years later. There has been a longstanding interest in wines, enjoying the vast variety of grapes, countries and styles.  A selection of grape and humorous wine greetings cards always to hand.


Tel: 01903 733848