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Installation Art invites its audience into a space to gain ‘an Experience’. But what is Experience? Is it awareness of a fleeting moment, or something concrete? Is it defined by the senses? Can you only appreciate your surroundings through previous exposure to the world; recalling past moments of touch - hard to cold, spiky or soft, warm and fluffy; Or by listening to other explorers moving throughout the space you occupy; soft murmurs and sharp footsteps.

Nests are spaces of sanctuary – places where beings can be nurtured and protected. They have a strong external surface that protects the fragility of what it holds. Nests are constructed out of materials that are available – materials that are known as functional for purpose, providing structural security, concealment and warmth.

Welcome to my Experience.

Venue: The Victoria Institute, Tarrant Street, BN18 9DG 

07388 415507