Andy Bendix

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I live and work on the slopes of Blackdown in the South Downs National Park. This is an ancient and, some say, magical place loved by artists for centuries. I enjoy painting and produce a few portraits each year, but my first love is sculpture. I’m fascinated by the alchemy of turning earth into something solid and beautiful.

I like to model animals, life size if possible, but occasionally a human being turns up -my previous training in human biology triumphing. The idea comes first. A phrase, a cave drawing, a newspaper image. I cherry pick - her face, his posture, that attitude. But finally, there comes the eyes-shut moment when the finished piece is clear in my mind and all other images are discarded.

​ The piece evolves day by day. I don’t always seek anatomical accuracy; the feel of the work is more important to me. I often use gestural marks and imprinted symbols on the surface of the clay, particularly when I feel the subject has a tale to tell.

 I create work in  both fired stoneware and in cold cast bronze.

Starting with clay, I have to decide:  is this piece destined for the kiln, to be treated with pigments and oxides and then fired to stoneware? Or is it going to be cast in bronze (or some other metal resin)? The two sit side by side, the fired earth and the metal.

I love them both.

I show my work in various UK exhibitions and my sculptures are held in private collections  in the UK and Europe.

Venue: Number 1 -Sculptures in the Courtyard- Victoria Institute, 10 Tarant Street

Exhibiting: All times the Victoria Institute is open