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Venue: The Victoria Institute, Tarrant Street

I am Marjoire Paniccia, I am an Italian who grew up in Venezuela and had the luck to build a family in UK for over 20 years. I am driven by curiosity and passionate about learning. I completed a degree in Business Studies, HND in Graphic Design, PGCE in Further Education and BA (Hons) in Fine Arts here in the UK. I love to be able to grow as a person, as a teacher and as an artist, enhancing my understanding of human relationships, the intricacies of acceptability within today’s complex social structure as well as the simplest forms within the world around me.


My art work reflects the importance of the little things among us that can hugely affect our perception and ways of living.  The shapes, colours, lines and textures that are contained in a simple form of life… in the same way, religion, cultural set ups and social expectations that are contained within each of us.


I use predominantly ceramics, glazes, wood, stone and metal. Each piece usually consists of multiple elements, often created in a variety of different media, sizes and colours to symbolise a specific theme and/or meaning i.e. ‘Should it matter’ an installation that symbolises how little we have learnt about war and what does it take from us as human beings (see my Instagram, MagysArt)

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