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At Gallery 57

Venue address: Gallery57, 57, Tarrant Street, Arundel, BN18 9DJ

Please note: The gallery will only be open from Thurs 25th - Sun 28th Aug

Roanna’s work is an exploration into the line between order and chaos and the juxtaposition of control and spontaneity, through the use of detailed mark making techniques. 

She is interested in the visual and emotional effects of repetition, through both the meditative mindset in which the work is created, and the complex variety of interpretations that can be experienced by the viewer through its aesthetic simplicity.

Her current series of watercolour paintings have focused on bringing a depth of movement and disruption to her careful linear structure, allowing for a sensitive approach into themes such as relinquishing control and the pushing of personal boundaries.


Instagram: @gallery57_contemporaryart


Tel: 07568 167389