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    Venue address: The Victoria Institute, 10 Tarrant Street, Arundel BN18 9DG


    Shortly after my graduation from Bath Spa University's Sion Hill in 1995, I ventured into the world of graphic design by establishing my own business. In 2010, my creative journey led me back to my first love of painting, which I pursued in conjunction with my design business. By 2019, my passion for painting had deepened, culminating in the completion of a Master of Arts (MA) in Fine Art with Distinction at West Dean College, following a Graduate Diploma in Visual Arts from West Dean in 2018.


    My artistic inspiration derives from the enchanting and serendipitous forms found in nature, and my paintings are a testament to this, characterised by intricate layers that evoke the experience of looking through wild meadows from a low vantage point. With each painting, my primary objective is to capture a sense of spontaneity that imparts the energy and vitality inherent in our wonderful natural landscapes. These subtleties may not be immediately evident to the viewer, but, much like the ever-changing seasons, my paintings reveal their nuances over time. I take immense joy in the play of colors, intensity, and the sense of freedom my art brings me, and it beckons the viewer on a captivating journey to a carefree realm.


    My painting career took off in 2010 when I 'borrowed' a shop in Arundel to curate and promote my own exhibition. The event proved an instant success and garnered commendation from none other than The Duke of Norfolk.



    Instagram: @emmarimer




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