vima Victoria Institute Makers & Artists

The Gallery Trail has taken on the curation of the Victoria Institute (venue #1), where we will be showcasing new, exciting and diverse work by 10 artists and makers, from local and London studios.


From here you can also collect your Trail Guide, see our SECRET ARTIST AUCTION EXHIBITION and bid for artworks.

vima exhibitors 2019

Nettie Rowsell 1.jpg

nettie ROWSELL

Nettie is a textile artist, embroiderer and professional textile conservationist; she will be showcasing her her incredibly fine embroidery work at the Vic so this is a wonderful chance to see her evocative thread portraits close-up.


Nettie began stitching seriously in 2014 when she took a course at the Royal School of Needlework to help with her business restoring antique needlework and textiles. When she wasn’t working she began to explore the possibilities of stitch as an art form, joining the growing number of textile artists who have rejected the idea of embroidery as a domestic craft. Nettie endeavours to create works that have a painterly quality, placing stitches next to and on top of one another to create realistic pieces that are unexpected and fresh.

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Ann works intuitively with either a technique or an idea and using a limited selection of materials as the only starting point.  Within those confines she experiments and explores her creativity, taking great pleasure in discovering new ways in which to express herself.  This way of working inevitably produces great variety in her work.

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christopher BAKER

Christopher Baker has a wide experience of both North American and European traditions of landscape painting. He has travelled extensively to study and paint; as far as the High Arctic & Antarctic Peninsular, and his own locale as in ‘64 Days’. From this primary research he has created large groups of thematic works for exhibitions at The Royal Academy, London, Banff Centre For The Arts, Canada, and Pallant House, Chichester.

He has a belief in a strong and intimate connection with nature and a passion that art, at its best, is one of the supreme manifestations of mankind’s ability to experience that which is both beyond and within.

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julie TURNER

Julie is a mixed media textile artist and will be transforming the back basement rooms at the Vic, bringing a presence to long abandoned spaces. Expect something surreal from an artist who is known for her use of out-of-context garments and doll-like figures.

Julie’s work reflects her preoccupation with the significance of early childhood experiences, in particular those of maternal deprivation and loss. She works with rust and natural plant dyes to change the surface quality of fabric and to convey meaning. Her work is often in the form of faceless dolls and unwearable dresses. Through her work and installations Julie hopes to evoke an emotional response in the viewer.

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Oliver Mitchell  graduated from the Slade School of Fine Art. Here he displays his contemporary ‘stretched glass’ digital artwork and urban landscapes.


Discovering the use of digital sculpting software and manipulation Oliver developed an interest in the visual impact of these processes. Using virtual technology to produce sculptural oddities and conceptual visualisations, Oliver’s work is designed to intrigue and arrest the attention of the on looker.

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Insides Out.jpg


In a life of many incarnations: West End musical star, Antony Hopkins' stunt double, London canal inspector, hair dye model, professional eel juggler and teller of tall tales to name but a few; art has been one consistent theme. From crayons to spray cans, ink pens to tattoo machines and beyond Rob remains astounded and blessed that his hobby not only puts food on the table but brings him into contact with wonderful and amazing people on a daily basis. He hopes to continue getting away with it until the grown ups find out what he's been up to and make him get a proper job!


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Jonathan Waights 4.jpg

jonathan WAIGHTS

Jonathan Waights spent his childhood in Portugal and began his ceramics training as a teenage apprentice in a small tile factory there. Moving to London at nineteen years old he set up his own business - Art on Tiles - supplying bespoke hand painted tiles to architects and interior designers. After more than thirty years developing his knowledge of ceramic finishes, he finally - in 2016 - had an opportunity to begin working in clay. Whilst also showing a selection of his hand painted tiles, his exhibits consist primarily of his clay work. Jonathan has been experimenting with a wide variety of methods, before concentrating primarily on slab pots and turned pots. He is exploring texture and forms,combining this new endeavour with his knowledge of glazes and his ability to hand decorate.


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Johannah Muriel_Purple Rain_04.jpg

johannah MURIEL

Johannah Muriel is a Hackney-based artist and printmaker. Her mixed-media studies are concerned with paint and colour forming organically as paper emerges through the printing press. Johannah’s prints are the result of instinctive reactions to mainly natural references- inspiration taken from nature, everyday life or beauty found in decaying objects discarded by others. Works document the unpremeditated journey of oil paint as impulsive mark making hits the paper.

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065 Crown Group (3).jpg

michael TREW

International artist Michael Trew creates unique origami solutions for visual merchandising and special events with a passion for quality and originality. Michael recently led a 1-day Origami workshop in Arundel, where more than 40 local artists and creatives - using the magic of paper - gathered to make and install a very special exhibit.

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polly_dutton 04.jpg

polly DUTTON

It’s a ‘Spirit of Inquiry’ that drives Polly Dutton to explore ideas for her work. ‘What if?’ is the questions she asks herself constantly as she pushes experimentation and curiosity. Much of Polly’s work is inspired by the natural world and her paintings begin with small

sketches, a moment in time, a thought, a word or a fleeting idea. Work begins with intuition and without judgement, creating layer upon layer of paint; feeling her way through a process to create energetic, textured pieces. It is only when Polly feels everything is ‘right’ on the canvas that a process of resolving the work begins. Polly uses form and colour to create a narrative and unique language.

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vima events



The Victoria Institute, venue #1 on the Gallery Trail, hosts our Secret Artist Exhibition and Auction this year! Invited artists have created diverse and contemporary artworks on 30cm x 30cm boards, specifically for this event. Each artist has signed their original piece on the back, so that only your winning bid will reveal their identity!


Be surprised: there are some notable names among them and some valuable work. You may be lucky enough to acquire a very collectable piece!


An alphabetical list of all participating artists will be available soon and in the exhibition space itself. The auction opens on 1st August and closes at midnight on 31st August. Instructions coming soon!


a talk with christopher BAKER


Illustrated talk at the Victoria Insitute

22nd August at 11am

Tickets £28. For bookings & enquiries please contact Jill Mclachlan 314444

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