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For Michael Joseph the purpose of art is not to create a photo-realistic image of life but to form a perception. His work is a translation into artistic values like a simple line, shape or space to such an extent that it becomes stimulating in its own right. It is all about relationships. The resulting simplicity intrigues, leaving a deeper and more lasting impression.


He will often take a nude and dress it again in his own artistic language to ‘add back’ the mystery and interest so that it will command attention. 

Michael will jump from one medium to another responding to the previous piece of work, reforming and editing as he goes. He readily switches between 2D and 3D. His work conveys emotions, feelings and actions. The titles are often verbs or adjectives rather than nouns. Michael is unrestricted in his use of medium. Works include charcoal, inks, paint, metal, carbon fibre, mirrors or shadows. Equally the tools he uses range from a simple brush to a computer controlled milling machine. There are no limits when working creatively and the outcomes are revealing, diverse and surprising.

Venue: The Victoria Institute, 10 Tarrant Street BN18 9DG

Exhibiting: 5th-8th / 12th-15th / 19th-22nd / 26th-29th Aug + Bank Holiday Mon 30th Aug


07810 118777