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    Venue address: 55 Tarrant Street, Arundel, BN18 9DL

    Bowls, dishes, platters, and plates are at the core of Matt’s work, as is his love of the warm and tactile nature of wood. His focus is on creating individual pieces with utility and beauty, although several forms and finishes have emerged as firm favourites with strong, graceful curves. While the visible exterior of wood hints at the final finish, every piece is unique and many unpromising, dusty lumps of ‘brown’ wood have hidden inner riches that are only revealed through the turning process.


    Matt exploits the natural movement that occurs as wet or green wood loses excess moisture with appealingly unpredictable results as tension is released, resulting in gentle to severe asymmetry dependant on the rate of moisture loss. In each piece he seeks to reveal and enhance the grain through choice of form and finish: scorching to highlight growth ring textures in Ash or medullary rays in Oak; oiling to accentuate spalting patterns in Alder and Beech; waxing to enhance velveteen smoothness in London Plane and Walnut.


    Instagram: @matthallwoodturning


    Tel: 07768 626261

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