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For 2024 the Secret Artist Auction exhibition goes 3D! Around 20 makers have been invited to offer a piece for the Secret Makers Auction which will take the same auction format as previously. Once again the work will be available to view in Arundel at the Victoria Institute in Tarrant Street, Venue #1 during the Trail from Sat 17 to Mon 26 August from 12-5pm daily and online from 14th August. The identities of the makers are only revealed with the winning bid. Please support us by coming along to view all the artworks and perhaps even place a silent bid or two!

Please note: the images below are from the Secret Artist Auction 2023 - the Secret Makers Auction pieces will be added in July/August 2024.

Bidding starts online on Mon 14th August and closes at 9pm on Mon 28th August.



Option 1: Use the bidding card provided when you visit the exhibition at the Victoria Institute, Venue #1 on Tarrant Street from Saturday 19 August.


Option 2: Browse the gallery above and click on the artwork you select to generate your bid email and simply add your bid amount in the subject line.


We have set a minimum bid of £60 on each piece. Please keep in mind that work by many of the secret artists attracts a substantially higher sum. All contacts will be held anonymously.

We will acknowledge all bids by email and contact you should we receive a higher bid for the piece, giving you the opportunity to place a higher bid.  

If you have placed the winning bid we will contact you during the first week of September. We can arrange shipping if necessary. Proceeds from the auction will be divided between the artist and Arundel Gallery Trail to help fund future initiatives. Please bid generously and good luck!

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