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Venue 14

Venue address: 2 Arundel Gate, Ford Road, Arundel BN18 9EX

Sue Mulholland’s art will lift your spirits and bring joy and vitality to your home. Colour-drenched, vibrant and energetic, it evokes a magical, enchanting world through abstracted, free and vivid painting. Sue calls on the emotional impact of moments, inspired by the shifting faces of the natural world around her, during global travels and at home in Sussex.


Obsessed with the nature of colour and the colour of nature, Sue transports us to a vivid, buoyant realm where bold hues collide and dance across exuberant and enticing canvases.


Sue paints with acrylic on canvas and ink on paper, using highly pigmented colours and archival quality materials. She is the Resident Artist at Gigglewick Gallery, The Royal Arcade, Worthing, which she co-owns with husband Steve. Sue’s art graces the walls of clients from Paris to San Francisco, Berlin to Miami and more, including her native UK.


Art has the power to bring energy, colour and panache to your home - transform your living space! Choose from original art pieces to fine art reproductions, framed and unframed and all archival, legacy quality. Sue is always happy to chat if you have any questions - just contact her.

Instagram: @suemulhollandartist



Tel: 07947 346302

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