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Karin Moorhouse is a painter of places and people, memories and thoughts. Her work covers many aspects and subjects and she delights in working with a variety of medium and method. As thoughts can tumble over each other so each single image Karin may use as the focus of a painting can be worked up in multiple layers or in a variety of materials and to this end she will mix drawing, painting, print making and in some cases gilding.

This method of working also illustrates for Karin our innate ability to keep several thoughts running concurrently while at the same time making decisions and communicating something completely different. Karin sees this as a natural multi-tasking ability and at the same time a repeating example of how we are always on the move. If we are not physically embarking on even the most humble journey our minds are always on the go; at the ready to move on to explore another trail of thought…...to revisit an old familiar memory.

….and sometimes Karin paints for the simple joy of it and the beauty she sees around her!

Venue: Number 3 Mill Studio, New House Farm Barns, Ford Lane, BN18 0EF



07801 613334