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Venue address: Top Floor Studio, The Victoria Institute, 10 Tarrant Street Arundel BN18 9DG


Frances Knight is a contemporary landscape artist. She likes to paint outside directly from nature, exploring the effects of light, colour and structure on the landscape and then works on larger paintings from these studies once back in the studio. Interested in the interplay between abstraction and representation, she seeks to express an inner dialogue between subjective experience and objective reality.

"I am not so much interested in rendering the surface qualities of a landscape but in conveying the underlying structure, colour and atmosphere. I like to explore the interaction between the abstract qualities of the two dimensional painted surface with the illusion of space."

After graduating from Camberwell School of Art, Frances won a Commonwealth and British Council Scholarship to complete her Master of Fine Arts in India. Frances worked as a professional painter for Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the Beatles' guru, and the Transcendental Meditation organisation, a non-profit charity dedicated to creating world peace, for more than 30 years. Frances has exhibited her work internationally as well as widely across the UK, and her paintings are in private collections in the UK, Europe, the USA, Canada and India.


Instagram: @francesknightfineart

Facebook: Frances Knight Fine Art



Tel: 07950 862246

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