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Venue 34

Venue address: House Arundel, 11 High Street BN18 9AD

I am an artist who lives in Jersey and in the UK. Being coastal in both places influences my work hugely, being close to the sea and the special light this brings. I have delved into many areas within the world of art throughout most of my life. During my years whilst undertaking my degree in fine art and design, including film, photography, sculpture, print making, painting and art history, I also create bespoke furniture.


This body of work presented to you, I would describe as a creation of ‘painterly effects in abstract form’. Through drawing first and often photographing the light, I don’t copy… this starting point is just a reminder of the place, the feeling and experience of that moment. Totally intuitively, I work mainly with acrylics, inks and collage that I make myself, or are found. I ‘belong’ to the work as I create, and am enthralled in the unpredictability of how the different mediums react as I go. The layers within my work represent the passing of what was, to what is. These abstract paintings are the entropy of my inner thoughts and feelings, bringing creative orderliness of colour and shapes to a surface. As Maurice Denis (c.1890) said, “A flat surface covered with colours assembled in a certain order”.

Instagram: @jayne_herbert

Facebook: Jayne Herbert



Tel: 07797 731387

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