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Venue 33

Venue address: Duff Gallery, Tarrant Street BN18 9DG


Having lived here his entire life, Josse is the Arundel Potter, as was his father before him, and there have been kilns on this site since 1957. Josse is renowned for his highly figurative decoration, which he paints freehand in oxides and glaze, onto bowls he throws on the wheel in the studio at the top of the garden. These are then fired to raku or stoneware temperature. In recent years he is become well known for his raku animals, especially his dogs and birds, which have sold to all corners of the globe. His themes are constantly changing, so we wait to see what this summer brings to the Arundel Gallery Trail.


Instagram: @davisjosse

Facebook: @duffgallery



Tel: 07878 064587


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