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Venue 6

Venue address: 2 Kings Arms Hill BN18 9BT

Mary Bayford has been interested in semi precious stones and old beads since childhood. She spent many holidays in Italy, Goa, Sri Lanka and Morocco collecting beads and looking at old jewellery. When she moved to Arundel she had a large box of stones and a lot of ideas. After training at West Dean College she started making necklaces and bracelets using the material she had collected. She now sources stones in Hatton Garden and at the London jewellery markets as well as combining charity shops and car boot sales. Chainmail is also a major interest, and Mary produces a variety of handmade chains mainly in silver. She loves the way they move and mould to the body in a textile like way. Mary has been selling her work for the last 10 years.



Tel:01903 884835 

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