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Venue address: 2 Arundel Gate, Ford Road, Arundel BN18 9EX


I am a textile and mixed media artist living by the coast in West Sussex, where I find the local beaches and surrounding landscape a constant source of inspiration for my artwork. Over the years, my passion for textiles has lead me on a journey from sewing, to exploring a variety of textile and mixed media processes. Through these processes I am constantly discovering new ways of looking at and using textiles. Loving collage, my pieces can include layers of acrylic, ink and fabric, embellished with free stitch.


I have a deep love of animals, having worked with them for many years, so I find them sneaking into my work from time to time. Drawn to colour, the vibrant palette I often use is my way of conveying the joy I feel when immersed in the natural world around me. I wish, hopefully, to create pieces that are joyful and uplifting. I am currently working on some ‘ecoprint’ pieces, using plants from my seaside garden and will see where this takes me.


Instagram: @lavenderandseasalt

Facebook: Lavender & Seasalt


Tel: 07920 013645

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