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Venue address: St Nicholas Church, London Road BN18 9AT

Open from 14th-29th August 10.30-5.30 Mon-Sat/12.15-5.30 Sun


"Striking a bright tone in a soothing space for the vibrant Art Community in Arundel. Sussex Sculptors display carefully carved surfaces and curious forms, cast and constructed, in stone, metal resins, ceramics and fabric.''


According to the dictionary the definition of spiritual means “lacking material body or form or substance”. We invite you into this beautifully spiritual space at St Nicholas Church, and bring sculptures made of many different materials and forms created in very earthly substances to uplift your hearts and enrich your homes and gardens.


Sculptors taking part include: Neil Wilkinson, Lesley Stepney, John Price, Alison Parker, Abby Martin, Teresa Martin, Ingrid Boucher and Lee Portwain. The exhibition is free to enter and is open from 14th-29th August 10.30-5.30 Mons-Sats and 12.15-5.30 on Sundays. It might be temporarily closed for funeral services.


Instagram: @teresamartinsculpture

Facebook: @martinsculpture


Tel: 01273 462409 

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