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Venue 31

Venue address: St Nicholas Church, London Road BN18 9AT


Tantalising textures to explore: woven in wire, cast in stone, or sculpted with felt, clay, plaster or metal. Seen in this beautiful space, by the light and shade of this welcoming church and its glorious stained glass windows. Sculptures suitable for indoors, and some for outside, whatever the weather! Sculptors taking part include: Lesley Stepney, John Price, Alison Parker, Abby Martin, Teresa Martin, and Ingrid Boucher, with sculptural jewellery by Jane Pinder.


The exhibition is free to enter and is open from 12th-26th August 10.30-5.30 Mons - Sats and 12.15-5.30 on Sundays. It might be temporarily closed for funeral services.

Instagram: @teresamartinsculpture

Facebook: @martinsculpture


Tel: 01273 462409 

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