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    Venue address: Old Granary, Fitzalan Road BN18 9JZ


    Alex Smith has worked as an Artist Blacksmith since 1998. 'I love everything involved in this fascinating trade. There's such a variety! One month I'll be making hinges for a hobbit door, the next I'll be working on a commemorative project involving bits of an old beloved car and an archway!'


    His established business, Chalk Pit Forge, is aptly named as it's based in a chalk pit within Amberley Museum, West Sussex. Here, Alex runs one-to-one courses in blacksmithing, where anyone over the age of eleven can take part, and works to commission on many bespoke items, such as gates, commemorative projects, railings, pergolas, sculptures, handrails and much more. All commissions are designed especially for the client and their location, so the finished piece is completely unique. This artistic collaboration with clients helps keep the role of the blacksmith continuing today, and hopefully in the future.


    Please come and visit our venue and see what unique items are on offer for the house and garden.



    Facebook: Alex Smith



    Tel: 07793 679788

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