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Venue 35

Venue address: Arundel Museum, Mill Road BN18 9PA


Anita Beresford Richards is a contemporary artist. Born on the Mediterranean coast, with a passion for aesthetically eye catching colours, she explores the relationship between shape, line, and colour to capture the viewers imagination. She trained at the Central School of Art and Design in the early 1970s followed by a period working in the studio of Liberty's of London as an archivist and PA to the director of the studio. She then found herself at the forefront of the development and production of the company's famous designs.

Experimenting with different styles and mediums, and a love for the use of abstract compositions, she uses bright primary colours, and produces individual pieces of artwork which have a degree of independence from the visual references of the world.

Instagram: @anitarichards13

Facebook: anitaberesfordrichards 


Tel: 07738 060620

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