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Venue 13

Venue address: The Crypt Gallery, Ford Road, Arundel, BN18 9EA

Christopher Marvell is passionate about sculpture, and makes both large and small bronzes in editions of 5-7. He enjoys the physical work and atmosphere of the foundry, the process of working from drawings and macquettes means that he is never quite sure how the finished piece will look. His subjects include figures, heads and various animals and birds.


The sculptures present themselves as seemingly blunt facts, but on deeper reflection they initiate a subtle dialogue that encourages the viewer to consider not only the relationship between human and animal, but also between the human/animal archetype and the human/animal condition itself.


Somehow, his animals do not contain individual character, but rather they suggest the character of their species as distilled through human convention and consciousness. His Sea Dog, Cat and Sheep, for example, do not remind one of, say, Fido, Felix or Flossie, they ask us to re-think our concepts of dog, cat and sheep in their own generic terms.


Christopher studied at University of Newcastle Upon Tyne and currently lives and works near Cambridge. His sculptures are in public and private collections in the UK, USA, France Spain and Germany. He exhibits widely, mostly in St Ives and London, and sometimes with his wife, painter, Elaine Pamphilon.

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