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    Venue address: 55, Tarrant Street BN18 9DJ


    Having been born and educated in Glasgow, I was a young person falling in love with art, but my intention to attend Glasgow School Art was side-tracked and I landed up in London. However my strong creative side was fulfilled when my ex-husband and I formed our now renowned furniture design company, Davidson London, situated at Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour.


    The past twelve years has seen me return to my first passion of drawing and painting training firstly at West Dean College and then as a long term pupil of Piers Ottey at The Mill Studio. When I first started exhibiting several years ago I would describe my painting as Contemporary Figurative with a strong emphasis on colour and line and I built up a strong following of collectors interested in my work. However during Covid I revisited my love and interest of abstract. This year I have decided to show only my abstract work and abstracted portraits The biggest challenge has been finding a balance of form and colour but still retain energy In my paintings I use bold lines, strong rich colours which can be contrasting but sometimes complimentary They give me a great deal of satisfaction to paint, are very personal to me and hugely instrumental in my motivation to paint.

    Instagram: @deirdredavidson_art


    Tel: 07818 422248

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