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Venue 41

Venue address: The Old Granary, Fitzalan Road BN18 9JZ


The craftsmanship of working with clay involves a dialogue between thinking and making. The repetitiveness of the process allows for a deep engagement with the material and the act of creation. In short, my ceramics imbues my inner self.


My personal experiences often inspire my work with my mental. I am particularly interested in how ceramics can create visceral, dynamic objects that can act as a catalyst for discussion and dialogue. I believe that the process of making is as necessary as the final object. I see my role as an artist as one of a facilitator, creating opportunities for people to come together and engage in creative dialogue. I am interested in working with community groups and organizations to develop ceramic projects which explore mental health, identity, and gender. I like to use my painting skills and put underglazes on the clay in a way that I would use acrylic or watercolors on paper or canvas. I replaced drawing on paper with an underglaze pencil and sgraffito on leather hard white body clay.

Instagram: @dot.pot.not

Facebook: Dorota Marchlewicz



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