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Carbon Paper Butterflies


A suitcase filled with clothes, some sugar and carbon paper, I found myself in the beautiful Costa Rican mountains during lockdown last year. It was five months before I was able to return to the UK. During this time I created ‘Carbon Paper Butterflies’. A series of prints inspired by vivid dreamscapes. I started to make a connection between my dreams and the butterfly. Carbon Paper is very delicate, just like butterfly wings. Butterflies are associated with the soul and symbolize rebirth. A beautifully spiritual marriage I thought. Limited art materials pushed me towards discovering a new process. I spent my days refining this technique, teaching myself a completely new set of image making skills. I am hoping to inspire the viewer with these emotionally sombre Carbon Paper Butterfly Prints.


My supply of butterflies came from a local conservatory where they come to the end of their very short lives naturally. 

Venue: 54, Tarrant Street, Arundel BN18 9DN

Exhibiting: 5th-8th / 12th-15th / 19th-22nd / 26th-29th Aug + Bank Holiday Mon 30th Aug

Additional dates: 23rd/24th/25th Aug
07796 298955