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Venue 27

PLEASE NOTE: This exhibitor has unfortunately had to pull out of the Trail due to unforeseen circumstances.


Venue address: Priory Gardens, London Road BN18 9AT


Living within the foothills of the South Downs, Geoffrey has always been inspired by the magnificent and splendid scenery of the surrounding countryside that is unique to Sussex. He feels every county has its own special identity and this is what he has tried to capture in his most recent works.


After leaving Art school in London he spent many years in the world of television, films and theatre, being involved in special affects on shows’ such as Dr Who, with scenery for many operas at Covent Garden taking up much of his time during the 1970’s. Recognized throughout industry for his forward thinking in monocoque housing crafted in GRP, Geoffrey received much support in this groundbreaking medium and this lead to various exhibitions sponsored by both BP and ICI. This subsequently created an important link between the Chemical Industry and other forward thinking artists, and inspired him to produce a 30ft diameter prototype monocoque house.


During the 1980's Geoffrey based himself in West Sussex and his attention turned to design and production of models for The Royal Homes, The National Trust and stately Homes. As a contemporary sculptor, he had long been known for his structures using modern composites, which has lead to the imaginative and creative Aeolian harp. The harp, named after the Greek God of wind Aeolus, is a stringed instrument sounded by natural wind currents. Geoffrey has attracted attention not just from within the UK but also abroad and recent commissions have been received from clients in France, Italy and the USA



Tel: 01798 345276

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