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Venue 17

    Venue address: Arundel Cathedral, London Road BN18 9AY

    Mondays- Saturdays 10.45-5.00  Sundays 12.45-5.00


    I am passionate about using soft pastels to paint landscapes and my response to what I see and feel. When I first started to paint I enjoyed using watercolour, pen and wash and tempera, followed by a brief foray into acrylics, where I enjoyed the brightness of colour and freedom of expression. More recently I took advantage of lockdown to explore painting using soft pastels and discovered a whole new and exciting world that has opened up for me with my art. Many of my themes are reflective and contemplative with a particular focus on the landscape of Sussex where I live and places I love to visit for inspiration such as Dartmoor in Devon. I love the challenge of creating that sense of place and especially the stillness, light and peace to be found in the middle of the woods, near the sea or out on the Downs or the Moors.


    Tel: 07795 125767

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