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Venue 24

Venue address: 13, Maltravers Street BN18 9AP


Liz Shippam is a botanical painter based in Chichester, West Sussex.

As a child she was immersed in painting and drawing, but only rediscovered her practice as an adult in 2011 when she began working in watercolour for the first time, developing a delicate, refined, highly detailed style. Fruit is her preferred subject matter, and she has a particular interest in blueberries.

Shippam communicates the unique qualities of each subject, including form, texture and nuances of colour. She is particularly interested in the changes undergone by fruit as it ripens, and aims to capture its transient beauty at a specific moment in time.

Shippam is a member of the American Society of Botanical Artists and her work has been selected for its Annual International Exhibition in New York on an annual basis. She is a Fellow of The Society of Botanical Artists and a Royal Horticultural Society medal winner and she exhibits regularly in London and Sussex.

Instagram: @liz_shippam

Facebook: Liz Shippam



Tel: 07788 972425

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