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Venue 41

Venue address: The Old Granary, Fitzalan Road BN18 9JZ

Lucy Harvey is a professional photographer who is also part of the management team of the award winning gallery Pier Road Coffee & Art in Littlehampton. Lucy has been exhibiting her work all over West Sussex for the previous seven years and works mainly in the landscape genre. Working with different cameras to produce a range of work that capture landscapes and those elements that can often be overlooked but finding hidden beauty within. Lucy is one half of Pier Road Coffee & Art and, alongside her partner Mike, runs a gallery that has been recognised nationally by Theo Paphitis by winning the #SBS Award, BizBubble’s - Best Biz On The High Street, SME - Best Gallery in the South East, and locally V2 Radio - Digging Deep and Arun Business Partnership- Best New Business.

Instagram: @Lucyhg29

Facebook: Pier Road Coffee and Art


Tel: 07941 211272

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