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Venue 39

Venue address: 15 Queens Lane, Arundel BN18 9JN


Peters exhibitions are always full of new wonders; responses to a restless mind. Expect the unexpected. There will be new explorations with his driftwood ladders which have become something of an obsession with him. Beneath the humour there is a more reflective, less obvious connection with the uncertainties of life. The influence of Cornwall is more pronounced, fishing trawlers, light houses appear on pebbles from the beach. There may well be some "paintings", textural explorations of rock formations, leading to bold, graphic abstracts. I'm hoping we shall find some new variations on his "birds" that drew so much praise last year. Peter has many collectors of his work and has been a regular exhibitor since 1990.

As usual he is donating a percentage of sales to The Brain Tumour Charity in memory of his son Rowan.

Instagram: @peterneuner_artist_maker

Facebook: Peter Neuner



Tel: 01903 905565 

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