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Venue 27

Venue address: Bakers Arms Cottage, Bakers Arms Hill BN18 9DA


I have always enjoyed art, taking it as my main subject at Teacher Training College. I am interested in any kind of creativity and love seeing art from different countries, traditions, cultures and ages. I have taught art as part of the primary curriculum in schools in England and Bhutan and to teacher education students at the University of Chichester. I have run many workshops on art and sustainability in schools and at large venues including the WOMAD music festival, London Southwark Festival and St Fagans National Museum of History in Wales.

I think that in the last decade or so the school National Curriculum has marginalised art. However, if it were to be given more status, the opportunity for it to be the fantastic vehicle it should be for developing creativity, personal well-being and expression, community cohesion and social and environmental justice could be realised. I live in hope!

Tel: 07761 564154

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