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Venue 40

Venue address: 17, Queens Lane BN18 9JN


Rebecca has been a knitter since an early age, taught by her Mother Peggy, Becky has developed her skills and techniques and now produces bespoke hand knits using quality wool and natural yarns.


Art College and then running her own business, Becky has always been aware of trends in fashion and knitwear. Retro styling seems an appropriate term to describe Becky’s latest work with an accent on colour and design motifs. Becky works from a basic pattern and then adapts and reworks the design until a unique shape and style becomes apparent. The addition of individual motifs, colours and textures creates the final outcome, hand knitted with high quality finishing.


Becky is influenced by knitters such as Patricia Roberts, Kaffe Fassett and the artist/designer Julie Arkell, Orla Kiely and Ester Macleod. Becky uses only organic cotton yarns, hand spun wool from Scotland, Alpaca, Mulberry silk and other natural fibres in her work. Each piece takes time to produce, knitting is a careful and time consuming practice and a hugely enjoyable one. Knitting teaches you patience and can be a meditative experience plus you can do it anywhere!

Instagram: @woollliewoollie

Facebook: Woolliewoollie


Tel: 07796 298955

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