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Venue address: Victoria Institute, 10, Tarrant Street BN18 9DG

Roy studied Graphic Design at the London College of Printing. After college he freelanced as a book illustrator, specialising in diagrams and detailed illustrations for educational books.


Under the name Fairchild, Roy produced paintings and prints for London Contemporary Art, an international publishing company. He became one of the top selling artists in America and Japan with solo exhibitions in major cities including New York, Washington and Tokyo. In his fifties, after the directors of LCA retired -and followed closely by the collapse of the Equitable Life Pension Company which lost most of his pension, Roy stopped painting and put his savings into rental properties. What started as a five-year plan to safeguard the family’s future turned into fifteen years of building work and maintenance. In hindsight he still doesn’t know if that was the right decision but ‘there is no rewind button.’


He and his wife Manny have now returned to painting and are represented by Felix Rosenstiels Widow and Sons. Roy also writes short stories and poems and sometimes reads at open mic events in local pubs and anywhere else that will have him.

Tel: 07798 826344

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