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Venue 17

Venue address: Arundel Cathedral, London Road BN18 9AY

Mondays-Saturdays 10.45-5.00  Sundays 12.45-5.00

Images to Dream About.


Susie paints her love of shoreline, fields and expressive skies preferring Oils to create impressionist, colourful, and joyful paintings. The paintings are smooth and blended or in the textured marks of a painting knife but always in oil or acrylic. Her palette knife texture creates atmospheres between abstract and realism. Not realism but contemporary for you to feast your eyes on what you love in the world about you.


She paints moods of sea, land and weather, but never sad moods. Susie studied dress design at Worthing Art College, then moved to a business career, returning to painting years later. With a long-standing interest in wines, she enjoys the variety of grapes, styles, and countries. Always to hand, a selection of her greeting cards depicting wine grapes or humorous wine sketches. Welcome to Susie in the Cathedral with the Palette Knife!


Tel: 01903 733848/07743507551

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